Compass_blueCrisis management is not only for the CEOs, Army Generals, Heads of State or other public and corporate figures. It is for all of us. And you are working closely with people facing very difficult situation, then all the more, you need skills for managing crisis. Not only as part of your work, but as part of your personal mental and emotional health.

Our normal coping skills just don’t help us through significant crises. There are many forms of help out there, but one component that can be initiated and edified at the individual level is Emotional Life Fitness. For this, some of our core staff have developed over the years, a system for dealing with personal crisis… so that it doesn’t incapacitate you. And when you develop some core competencies, you may even discover that you are in much better shape to handle most of what life “offers” you!


The Solutions Matrix is the core component of a new training that builds strength, courage and flexibility into your corporate culture. It does more than help you deal with serious challenges. It positions your team as solution builders, not problem experts!

When the knife-sharp pain of crisis slices into us, and every part of our lives is affected—our relationships, our finances, jobs and futures —life as we know it is threatened. Too often we freeze like proverbial deer in the headlights. At that moment, there is no time to research what to do. Only time to draw upon our existing experience and habits.

Most crisis management plans out there today are for corporate crises. To whom do we turn?

The upheaval, hurt and despair throws even the most stalwart and successful of us, whether the cause of the crisis be a serious health diagnosis, the unexpected or even traumatic death of a loved one, being victimized or violated or witnessing terrible crimes. Even losing a job or income sources. Yet life goes on and we need to move forward.

Learning a way forward that is proven, easy to use and helpful for living a more emotionally healthy life helps.

Learn what you can do in the first five seconds of a personal crisis to get you out of the headlights and back on track.


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