If effecting the changes we wanted was simple, our world would already be, well, a few decades ahead of where we are today. But human beings are strangely complex and often contrarian. This means, that  having a change management model in place is not sufficient to ensure a successful transition. 

There are a number of factors that can be put in place to ensure the highest degree of success possible, and all of these start with learning. One person is sufficient for organizational change if they are a tyrant, or close to. Otherwise it takes a team. The team doesn’t have to be large. That team, well chosen from your organization and coached through the process, can both learn and lead effective and transformational change.

We guide people through a process that builds authentic and dare we say, exciting change. Plus, because a unique component of GDE’s approach is to provide people with new life skills and competencies that while needed, are rarely taught. Competencies in the implementation of corporate and personal change strategies is still today, a relatively new field of endeavor, compared, for example, to the amount of thought and education put into creating good ideas.

The Team behind your team is what makes the difference. And our mission is not only to facilitate the process in your organization, but to transfer the knowledge, and provide the tools and support needed to gain exciting  life-long transformational skills.

We help you lead the change that is already underway, ensuring the vision, trust and energies stack rather than diffuse so your company and each employee’s ability to thrive is multiplied.

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