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Throughout her career, Dr. Judd Smith has helped hundreds of people and organizations...

Throughout her career, Dr. Smith has helped hundreds of people and organizations around the world to “dream, discover, solve and succeed” using what she now envisions as a process as complex, miraculous and genuinely creative as DNA replication.  Most importantly, she has taught people how to lead their lives and their organizations so they grow and prosper. Global grew out of her passion for integrating noble aspirations with practical daily process and transformational leadership. Today, more than ever, we need to draw upon strategic proven principles and processes to succeed in our fast-paced ever-changing world.

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Performance & Development

This principle acknowledges the complementary work of improving the organizations brand value while also staying innovative and agile. Most organizations go through phases of being one or the other. Yet it is the natural tension between these two  “types” of organizations that, handled well, sustains continued growth, improvement and creative development. To thrive tomorrow, organizations need to integrate both.

Principles of Change, Investment & Solutions

These principles underpin our very universe and cannot be altered—well, at least not by mere mortals. However, we can work with them to do wonders

Rules of Thumb

There are a number of rules of thumb that help keep us “on track.” One of Dr. Smith’s favorites being, “Never underestimate the power of the small.” In our super-sized society, we need to be reminded of this frequently.

Personal Change 

The capacity of your organization’s people to change is fundamental to successful change. Building this capacity that is a much needed link between the public and private components of change, is a unique component of Global’s approach.

Organizational Change

Global integrates Solutions Mastery capacity building with Dr. Kotter’s 8-Stage Process for leading change. This results in what we call “a mitotic change process” whereby your organization both inherits new knowledge and capacities and develops new for personal and organizational change as the change process is underway.

In addition to personal skills development, Global helps organizations create the climate for change, what to do to engage and enable the organization and what needs to be done to implement and sustain the change.

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