The NGO Academy is an online training site for international NGOs or activists planning on being active at the global level. Understanding the broad sweep of what is involved in being effective in the United Nations environment can be daunting for most to learn. The NGO Academy breaks the specialized knowledge down into short but information packed lessons that take the newbie—and many an expert—from daunted to confident.

Who Is It For?

  • For  interns, volunteers or newly appointed staff of NGO’s active at the United Nations
  • Individuals who have an eye on international affairs and want more than an academic perspective on the United Nations and multilateral engagement
  • For educators who like to blend academic knowledge with practical outreach skills development
  • Those interested in influencing the global marketplace of ideas and policy we know as the United Nations

Who Is It NOT For?

  • Those who are interested in purely academic perspectives
  • NGO representatives who have no responsibility to advocate at the international level or enlighten their organization with global perspectives and the complexities of effective multilateral engagement
  • Organizations whose strategies do not require collaborative work but instead are focused on transparency and accountability. Even there, however, while the tactics and many strategies may be quite different, the environment, nature of relationships, decision-making processes etc. are still important to understand.