What We Do

Global Development helps organizations tap their most important energy source—human creativity.

Global Development Enterprise, LLC (Global) helps organizations fire up the implementation of their most important strategies.

We work to help small and medium businesses be more nimble, with less chaos and more efficiency, enabling success no matter the obstacles. Combining business acumen and experience, we provide the guidance that enables our clients to implement their strategies by leading the entire organization through the integrated Solutions Mastery change process that makes use of the proven 8-Step Kotter Process for Leading Change.

Whatever your strategy — whether it’s growing revenue, reducing supply chain costs, major re-structuring, a merger or acquisition, new product innovation, accelerating productivity and capacity, or major technology implementation — we will help you ensure your strategy investment becomes a reality.

After working with Global, your organization will be transformed. It will be independently capable of taking on any obstacle and achieving successful, sustained change.

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Our mission: Transforming One Changes Everything.

Team Development Supporting Strategic Change

For Entrepreneurs, Executive Teams, Staff & Volunteers

We support the growth and development of small organizations with the strategic planning and personnel development. To this end, we have developed our own proprietary capacity building training that is proven, fast to learn and compounds the effectiveness of organizational change and development.

Additionally we provide practical resources such as info and training videos on essential “how-to’s” for executive teams, boards, staff and volunteers.

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