GDE provides stellar examples of modern sites built with mobile devices and searches in mind.

Siva Om

Writer for iPhone Life Magazine

There is no way this (the Advocacy Algorithm training) will not impact the many areas of my work: lobbying, public relations, as a businessman, development practitioner, project management, and 3rd sector activist.

Otunba ‘Dele Ajayi-Smith

Founder, CEO, African Citizens Development Foundation, United Kingdom

Hi Dr. Smith! I am absolutely thrilling in your Advocacy Algorithm course for Global Citizens capacity building program. I cannot thank you enough. I feel like I have been looking for this course my whole life!

… I am just so grateful you have produced this incredible product/learning adventure about what is one of the most important things in our world today, and would love to see more people taking advantage of it!

You have done a stellar job at creating something fun, full of valuable and accurate information, crisp and to the point so busy people can do it, and at the same time paced in such a way that the learning really integrates and sticks so that beyond being mere conceptual learning it can translate into action and wisdom.


You are truly an answer to a prayer – I feel so lucky to have found your Facebook page and from there to your course. AMAZING! With much gratitude…

Sheva Carr

Representative to the United Nations, Pathways to Peace & Heartmastery

In my years of seeing Karen in action, I have admired her for her clarity of thought and insights into how NGOs can work in and around the UN.

She has the ability to distill the more complex ideas and turn them into concise, practicable steps that NGOs can connect to and do, saving invaluable time and money (or effort) in the process.

Reivick Giuliani

Marketing Automation & Insight Manager, Mynewsdesk

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